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    Where is the best place to view Manhattanhenge? Instagram posts reveal which places get crowded, and where the best pictures may be taken.

    IN 1808 JOHN RANDEL JUNIOR, New York City’s 20-year-old chief surveyor, was asked to design and develop the island of Manhattan, from what is now Houston Street, near its southern tip, to 155th Street, eight miles north. More than two centuries on, Randel’s grid is celebrated by locals and tourists alike—never more so than when the parallel streets running west to east between the Hudson and East Rivers line up perfectly with the setting sun. This phenomenon, which occurs twice a year, on May 29th-30th and July 12th-13th, was dubbed “Manhattanhenge” by Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist, in 2002. Viewing the sun descending like a globe of fire between the Big Apple’s skyscrapers into neighbouring New Jersey has since become a biannual event for aspiring photographers.

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      The success of Manhattanhenge has inspired similar events throughout the world such as Chicagohenge, Montrealhenge, Torontohenge, Bostonhenge, Phillyhenge, Raleigh-Henge and even MIThenge at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, none of them come close to replicating the party atmosphere surrounding Manhattanhenge.
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        Over the past few years, Manhattanhenge has gained immense popularity and even served as the title of an episode of the CBS TV series CSI: NY.
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            In addition, The Washington Post has even dubbed Manhattanhenge as “New York City’s favorite Instagram holiday”.

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