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    How To Pick Your Openers and Competition Attempts ?
    Picking your openers and competition attempts correctly is the first step in maximizing your performance at a weightlifting meet. Snatch what you can, Clean & Jerk what you must. We let this principle guide our selection process because no one has ever won a weightlifting competition with just the Snatch. You use the Snatch to set yourself up to be within striking distance of whatever you can Clean & Jerk. According to a recent report published on the Weightlifting Reddit forum (shoutout to author Mr. Flexappeal himself), California Strength athletes successfully made 62% of their competition attempts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk combined) between 2016 – 2018, significantly higher than the National average over the same period.
    Several factors including intelligent programming and mental preparation contribute to this success rate but it all starts with the athlete : coach relationship. That is knowing your athlete and their true capabilities in the weeks leading up to the competition. Let reason guide your competition attempt selection process, not your ego.

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